Monday, February 20, 2023 | 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Technical Analysis Using the Top-Down Approach to Find Stocks to Buy*

In this brand-new, first time ever joint MoneyMasters class, Chartered Master Technician and founder JC Parets and Steve Strazza, director of research, of All Star Charts, will walk you through trend recognition tools, momentum, relative strength, and show you how to build scans to find opportunities in stocks.

In This Multi-Part MoneyMasters Class, You Will Delve Deep Into:

  • Trend Recognition: Discover why trends are so pivotal to technical analysis and how to actually identify them in both bull and bear markets. That means understanding the lifecycle of both market types, and how they differ.
  • Momentum and Relative Strength: Understand the primary use of each element, various ways to measure each, and how to decipher each part of the chart to effectively anticipate upcoming market moves most effectively.
  • Market Breadth: Learn what it is, why it matters, and various ways to measure it. This includes traditional indicators, sector and index analysis, and identifying and confirming divergences.
  • Technical Analysis in Action: Markets trend so continuation patterns are most common. But it's also important to recognize when reversals are taking place.
  • Risk Management: Get a detailed tutorial in position sizing, see why it's so important to successful trading, and even get JC's personal risk mitigation formula.

This is a can't-miss session that will help you increase the probabilities of success and help you identify asymmetrical risk vs. reward opportunities skewed in your favor.

Please Note: Purchase of this class allows you admission to this session only and not to the rest of the conference.

JC Parets, CMT
All Star Charts
Steve Strazza
Director of Research
All Star Charts

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