Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Trading Options Successfully for a Living*
Bob Lang |Explosive Options

Trading is not a career for everyone. Like any specialty, it requires a great deal of learning, training, and experience. You cannot just step into the ring and start pushing money around and believe you will be a successful trader. In this in-depth class, long-term options trader and educator Bob Lang will begin by explaining how he defines success—and how and why you can’t treat the markets like a casino. Then he will take a deep dive into several options market topics to help you achieve TRUE success. They include...  

     •    What options are and how to trade different option structures
     •    Spread trading, option Greeks, and repairing trades
     •    Managing risk, position sizing, and using put options in all market conditions
     •    The psychology of trading—and how to leave your ego out of it
     •    Four fears traders face
     •    Understanding time decay
     •    Rolling trades—and how to create a FREE trade
     •    Being proactive and when it makes sense NOT to listen to others
     •    The benefits of a trading community (like a chat room)
     •    Constant learning and feedback mechanisms

Plus, so much more. If you have ever considered trading options for a living—or simply want to improve your options trading results—you do NOT want to miss this session. Lastly, Bob will find out if you truly ‘know your options.’ 

*$249.00 per person if purchased by May 17
$299.00 per person if purchased after May 17
Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Seven Questions to Ask Before Every Trade*
David Keller, CMT |StockCharts.com

Pilots are taught to use a checklist for every process performed in the cockpit, allowing them to minimize emotional reactions and focus on the evidence. Investors should use the same approach to improve consistency and inject more discipline into the investment process!  

In this special two-hour masterclass, David Keller, CMT, chief market strategist at StockCharts.com, will share his technical analysis checklist that he has refined over decades of working with top money managers. He'll apply this powerful toolkit to current market examples to demonstrate how investors can maximize returns, minimize behavioral biases, and better manage downside risk. 

*$249.00 per person if purchased by May 17
$299.00 per person if purchased after May 17


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