October 13 - 14, 2019 | Dallas

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October 4, 2018
Dividends Are the Key to Wealth*

October 4, 2018, 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm


In this Master Class, Kelley Wright, managing editor of Investment Quality Trends, will cover how to use dividends and dividend yields to identify high-quality stocks and know when they offer good value. He will show how the dividend yield gives clear guidance when to buy, sell, or hold a stock.

There are two paths to profit in the stock market: capital appreciation and dividends. Of the two paths, the only one with any certainty is the cash dividend. Additionally, the cash dividend tells the investor everything he or she needs to know about a company.

1) The company is profitable. Dividends are only payable if there are profits to pay them from.

2) A rising dividend trend tells you the company's profits are increasing. No Board of Directors will vote a dividend increase if there aren't sufficient profits to support the dividend increase.

3) A rising dividend trend is the single best predictor for a rising stock price.

4) Dividends provide a floor of safety beneath a stock's share price.

Not all dividend paying companies are created equally, however. High-quality companies have lower downside risk and higher upside potential. The key is having a qualitative filter that allows you to identify the high-quality companies from just the run-of-the-mill. In this class Kelley Wright will explain the criteria for Select Blue Chips, his newsletter's qualitative filter that has been used since 1966 to identify high-quality companies.

High-quality companies tend to trade between two repetitive areas of dividend yield: A low-price/high-yield area, and a high-price/low-yield area. In this class he will discuss how to use these repetitive areas of dividend yield to make buy, sell and hold decisions.

High-quality companies have high-quality earnings. The keys to understanding earnings quality is buried in the balance sheet and income statements. Understanding how to extrapolate economic data from accounting data allows the investor to identify earnings quality, and therefore dividend strength and safety. Kelley Wright will cover this and more in this not-to-be-missed class.

*SAVE $30--$99 if purchased by September 12; $129 per person if purchased after September 12. Includes refreshments.


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Trump's 2018 Tax Reform: The New Rules of Engagement*

October 4, 2018, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


In this Master Class, you will learn firsthand how to survive and thrive under the new tax code. Your expert presenters will explain:

  • The new rules with regards to estate planning, income tax planning, and asset protection
  • How to best maneuver your income to take advantage of the new income tax rules and brackets
  • How to best take advantage and properly prepare for the 2026 sunset
  • The best opportunities in estate planning under the new law that will allow you to keep your wealth in the family
  • How to increase the power of multi-generational planning
  • The new philanthropy-do well by doing good. Give to your favorite charities while controlling the investments and receiving a lifetime income.
  • How to protect your assets from confiscation by politicians, creditors, and predators
  • How to create your own tax-free family bank
  • How to decant an irrevocable trust to save federal and state income taxes
  • The mathematics of estate planning: income tax basis vs. the estate tax
  • How to take advantage of the 20% small-business deduction
  • How to convert your IRA into a tax-free account with ZERO out-of-pocket cost
  • How to leverage dimes today to create dollars for tomorrow's potential long-term-care event
  • How to acquire millions in life insurance without personally paying the premium
  • When to go offshore and when to come home
Your experts are David T. Phillips, CEO Estate Planning Specialists, best-selling author, Estate Planning Made Easy, The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes, and The Family Bank Strategy; Richard Durfee, principal and founder, The Durfee Law Group, author, Your IRA: Asset or Ambush and Why All Trusts are not Created Equal, and Mark P. Spencer, CPA, Oliver & Spencer CPAs, PC, a 25-year veteran, focusing on how to best take advantage of current tax laws.

*SAVE $30--$99 if purchased by September 12; $129 per person if purchased after September 12. Includes refreshments.


October 5, 2018
Tools, Tactics, Techniques of a 30-Year Veteran Trader*

October 5, 2018, 7:30 am - 9:30 am

Focus: ETFS

Join trader and author Raghee Horner for a two-hour deep dive into the tools, indicators, and strategies she uses to trade ETFs, stocks, and futures with a simple and synergistic approach that works for new and experienced trader alike.

In This Master Class, You Will Learn:

  • How to automate classic tools on any chart from support resistance, market trends, and momentum with four simple tools
  • Learn to use price movement ranges to accurate place stops and entries
  • Seldom used but powerful tools to help you build a complete trading arsenal and give you a plan you can put to work right away

Using classic tools, Raghee's strategies allow any trader to find setups and control risk for long- and short-term trades. Raghee will walk you through what is working in this market right now and show how you can put them to work the same day. Watch her live setups and trades during this presentation to see how a "pro" manages the market.

*SAVE $30--$99 if purchased by September 12; $129 per person if purchased after September 12. Includes refreshments.


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My Five Favorite Options Strategies*

October 5, 2018, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Join John Carter, author of Mastering the Trade, and founder of www.SimplerTrading.com, as he discusses the options set-ups that have proven to be the most consistent in current market conditions. In addition to discussing set-ups that often produce "larger-than-expected market maker moves," John will review specific setups for the next trading day.

In This Master Class, You Will Learn:

  • The reasons why volatility can be your best friend, even for newbies with small accounts
  • Why options are the best trading vehicle on the planet right now
  • Why down markets are better than up markets
  • How to make successful trades on your phone while you are at work

Whether it's a potential 10-bagger "elephant trade" or taking advantage of options pre- and post-earnings, or simply selling premium for income, John's goal is to give solid trading ideas that you can use in the markets right away. This is an event you do not want to miss!

*SAVE $30--$99 if purchased by September 12; $129 per person if purchased after September 12. Includes refreshments.


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Five Best Places to Put Your Money Now*

October 5, 2018, 12:20 pm - 1:50 pm


In this timely panel, five top money experts will explore the hottest markets for the year ahead. Will it pay to be a contrarian? After a long bear market, will 2019 finally be the year of emerging markets? Will gold repeat as a top performer next year? Can the Dow keep going after a nine-year bull market? Is the 30-year bull market in bonds really over, and if so, where should income investors go for maximum income?

These veteran professional investors will explore the best ways to profitably pick your way through the perils and potential in today's markets and distill from where the true investment opportunities lie.

*SAVE $30--$99 if purchased by September 12; $129 per person if purchased after September 12. Includes lunch.


Cryptos on the Cusp: The New Crypto Environment*

October 5, 2018, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


2017 was the year digital currencies went mainstream. Many crypto investors found they didn't need a lot of discernment: they just needed to be in early, and they would see huge gains. Digital currencies, the "internet of money," are a new asset class; these assets, and the technologies that underlie them, are going to transform finance, commerce, and daily life in profound ways. But the digital currency landscape has changed: more institutions are paying attention and getting involved; the regulatory environment continues to be in flux; and cryptocurrencies, tokens, exchanges, and blockchains are launching, evolving, and folding almost daily. 

Are there still huge exponential gains for some cryptocurrencies and tokens, or are they all doomed and bound to go to zero? How do cryptos work, what problems do they solve, and what value will they offer to their users? We're leaving the crypto era where success was inevitable for anyone lucky or prescient enough just to be around--and entering the era when, just as with stocks, bonds, real estate, and hard assets, investors have to understand the value of what they're buying. They also have to understand the evolving social, political, legal, and regulatory environment surrounding the new world of digital currencies.

In this master class, Monty Guild, Anthony Danaher, Tim Shirata, and Rudi von Abele of Guild Investment Management will give you a ground-up understanding of digital currencies; where they came from; how they work; what they do; how to buy, sell, and hold them; how to deal with security risks; and how to identify possible frauds. You'll also learn how to analyze cryptos and tokens, identify the different types of tokens, and separate the projects with real potential from the ones that just have hype.

*SAVE $30--$99 if purchased by September 12; $129 per person if purchased after September 12. Includes refreshments.