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Oct 06, 2017, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM CDT


Trade Like a Pro Using Candlesticks*

To trade like a pro, you need to think like a pro. In this all-new VectorVest course, senior instructor Glenn Tompkins, will demonstrate the art of pairing candlestick patterns with technical analysis indicators. While single candlesticks convey valuable information about the changes in a market's supply and demand balance, a succession of candlesticks taken together, is more pertinent as they form a pattern. These patterns become super charged when we pair them with technical indicators that compliment and confirm the patterns themselves. Achieve the kind of success only possible by enhancing expert techniques with VectorVest's exclusive searches, ranking, and market-timing analysis.

*$89 per person if purchased by September 14; $109 after September 14

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