April 24 - 26, 2023|Las Vegas, Nevada
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Julie Manz's Schedule

Co-Founder and Contributor
Triple Your Trading Profits and Cut Your Risk with Three Turn-Key Trading Strategies*
Monday, April 24, 2023, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Focus: TOOLS

Join veteran traders Adrian and Julie Manz, co-founders of Traderinsight.com and hosts of 2023's broadcast program, Trader Nation, for a live, hands-on training session that will give you actionable trading ideas to add to your repertoire immediately.

This Mastery Class will teach you three trading strategies to add to your lineup. Adrian and Julie will show you exactly how they have deployed these tactics in their account every day since 1997. They'll also focus your attention on the psychology necessary to achieve consistent success.

Everyone who attends will receive a workbook that they can use to further sharpen the skills taught in the session. You'll also receive free access to Adrian's intraday strategy videos to help you stay focused and disciplined. Register early, as Adrian and Julie's MoneyMasters classes fill up fast!

Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager-Automate High-Probability Strategies That Will Change the Way You Run Your Business (FREE)
Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 11:50 am - 12:35 pm

Join Julie Manz for this in-depth session, designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so you can identify and profit from the opportunities in today's markets. The knowledge you gain by attending this session can help you make better investing or trading decisions tomorrow.

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  4. Network with Other Savvy Investors
  5. Win Daily Cash Prizes, Shares of Stock, & Swag

Julie Manz's Profile

Dr. Julie Manz has been a successful professional equities trader for over two decades. She provides education to serious traders who are looking to add intraday trading to their repertoire. For nearly a decade, Dr. Manz has been training Mastermind members in the elements necessary for successful daily income trading. She has a PhD in social psychology and is an expert in trading psychology, helping traders in all markets be more effective with their strategies. Through their program, the 12-month Traderinsight Income Trader's Bootcamp, Coaching Program, and Mastermind Group, Julie and Adrian Manz have propelled a range of students who want to include intraday income trading into their portfolios.