May 13 - 15, 2019 | Las Vegas

Alexander Gerchik

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Gerchik & Co.

Alex Gerchik began making his first independent trades at a brokerage company known as World Co, with a specialization in day trading. It was at this point, when he created Trader Diary, where he made records of all his financial operations. It helped him analyze strengths and weaknesses of his trading strategy. Mr. Gerchik earned his first 2 million dollars only by day trading style in 2000. In a period from 2000 to 2003 - he improved his trading techniques and had just 9 losing days in day trading. No losing month since 2000. All incomes confirmed by tax statements. In 2003, he made a huge step in his career after he joined one of the world's largest day-trading companies, the Hold Brothers, as a managing partner. The company became a member of New York Stock Exchange with Mr. Gerchik's leadership. In 2006, HBO together with MOJO created Wall Street Warriors TV series where he was invited to star as the safest and most reliable Wall Street trader.