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August 16 - 18, 2020 | Las Vegas
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Despite headwinds like a longer time horizon, the current low-yield market environment, and the need to strategically allocate beyond stocks, bonds, and funds, there are only a few distinct, yet very important, retirement decisions that really matter. Those are the ones you need to get right, so you don’t run out of money during your golden years. The nature of risk changes in retirement, as the lifestyles of retirees become more vulnerable to the impacts of market volatility, unknown longevity, and spending shocks. In these sessions, you’ll learn about retirement risks and how to approach building a plan to meet the financial goals of retirement while managing your risks.


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Adams Financial Concepts was formed in 2005 to manage stock and bond portfolios for clients seeking to create and preserve wealth. Using his own approach to security management, Mike Adams has developed his own style, which combines a bottoms-up approach with economic overtones. It values stock and bond portfolios, based on relative reward/risk criteria. He tends to concentrate in fewer positions, rather than a wide, diversified portfolio. It’s an approach similar to the Buffett philosophy of “putting all your eggs in one basket and watching the basket,” but also combines the perspective of game theory. Recognizing that volatility increases with fewer positions, Mr. Adams also runs portfolios based on the Sharpe-Fisher studies. 


speaker photo MONEY MANAGEMENT
Mike Adams

Adams Financial Concepts, LLC

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Keith Dorson

Wise World Investment Planning

speaker photo ESTATE PLANNING
Rick Durfee

Durfee Law Group, PLLC

speaker photo ESTATE PLANNING
Cory Grant

SafeMoney, LLC

speaker photo ESTATE PLANNING
David Phillips

Estate Planning Specialists, Inc.

speaker photo ESTATE PLANNING
Todd Phillips

Estate Planning Specialists, Inc.

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