August 16 - 18, 2020 | Las Vegas
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At the intersection of these seemingly discrete disciplines is a rapidly changing world. The expansion of the Internet of Things is making possible the ubiquitous access to information about energy, materials, devices, and systems.

This special track provides an opportunity to learn about new developments at the junction of technology, biotechnology, and energy, and how these changes should affect your way of thinking as an investor. Join us as we debate issues, explore opportunities, discover ascendant technologies, and determine which companies and technologies will shape tomorrow's global marketplace.


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SGR Energy is a fuel blending and manufacturing company that has developed a platform for cost-effectively incorporating cleaner burning blend stocks and additives into a heavy fuel; which is ready for commercial and industrial burning. SGR's proprietary methodology produces a cleaner burning fuel that can be produced on a large scale. The CEO, Tommy San Miguel, is a 25-year industry veteran, and has been involved in the development of two heavy fuels companies.


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Michael Boyd

Energy Income Authority

John Collier

Reliable One Resources

speaker photo COMMODITIES
Thomas Grimes

Reaves Asset Management

speaker photo BIOTECH
Jack Jacobs

Zhittya Genesis Medicine Inc.

speaker photo TECHNOLOGY
Marc LoPresti

BattleFin Group LLC

speaker photo MARKETS
Jon Markman

Tech Trend Trader, The Power Elite, & Strategic Advantage

speaker photo BIOTECH
John McCamant

Medical Technology Stock Letter

speaker photo TECHNOLOGY
Lane Mendelsohn

VantagePoint AI

speaker photo TECHNOLOGY
Michael Robinson

NOVA-X Report & Radical Technology Profits

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