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Monday, May 14 | 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

American women are a powerful investing force with $11 trillion in assets! Contrary to popular misconceptions, female investors aren't less confident or more risk adverse than their male counterparts. In fact, women typically beat men's portfolio returns. Women typically live longer than men, which means they face more years in retirement and will need a bigger nest egg to last their longer lifespans. Women also think differently than men. Their investing styles consider generational wealth transfer and socially responsible strategies for profit.

We have assembled an all-star cast of leading women advisors designed to help women address their unique challenges and take advantage of opportunities to build a strong financial foundation for themselves and their families. This event starts with a FREE sit-down breakfast, followed by presentations and panel discussions by a roster of accomplished women investors and entrepreneurs. If you've ever wanted to take control of your financial future, but didn't know where or how to get started, this is the event for you!



speaker photo BONDS
Marilyn Cohen

Envision Capital Management, Inc.

speaker photo MARKETS
Annell Danczyk, CFA

Stack Financial Management

speaker photo FINANCIALS
Diane Harris

Personal Finance Journalist

speaker photo FUNDS
Avani Rau