May 11 - 13, 2020 | Las Vegas

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Wed., May 16, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM PST

What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies*

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has got a lot of people interested. Early investors of bitcoin have seen some of the greatest ROIs in history. But although BTC has been drawing headlines, there are now new altcoins breaking through, some of which are more efficient and quicker than bitcoin.

In this unique Master Class, Stefanie Kammerman aka The Stock Whisperer will share her secrets on how to trade any cryptocurrencies successfully. She will share with you old-fashioned trading techniques that have given her a 300% ROI in her own crypto trading account.

Scutify co-CEO Cody Willard, who famously told people to put up to 1% of their portfolios into bitcoin back in 2013 when it was at $125, published his book The Great Cryptocurrency Crash in December when bitcoin was over $19,000, predicting that "most cryptocurrencies will be worthless in five years. Most small-cap and/or penny stocks that are supposedly great ways to invest in these trends will be down 90-99% from the highs they're spiking to in today's mania...." Cody will outline what's next for bitcoin and the four cryptocurrencies worth owning.

$109 per person if purchased by April 23; $139 per person if purchased after April 23

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Stefanie Kammerman


Stock Whisperer Trading Company, The

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Cody Willard