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Roger Conrad's Schedule

Managing Partner
Capitalist Times
Utilities: The Inflation Antidote for Income Investors
Sunday, October 29, 2023, 2:25 pm - 3:10 pm
Many investors are aware of the recession resilience of utilities and other providers of essential services, as well as their generous and growing dividends. But did you know the sectors best-in-class companies are extraordinarily well-positioned to profit from an environment of higher-for-longer inflation? In this session, Roger highlights utilities unique position in the emerging economy of the 2020s and the best bets now in this high-profile, but poorly understood, sector. 
The Next Step of the Energy Supercycle*
Monday, October 30, 2023, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

In 2022, oil soared over $130 per barrel and US natural gas prices jumped over $10 per million BTUs; yet, this year, we've seen oil tumble into the $60s and gas prices plummeted as much as 80% from the 2022 peak to under $2.

So, is the energy supercycle over?

In this two-hour deep dive look at global energy markets, Roger Conrad and Elliott Gue will explain exactly what's driving oil and natural gas prices. Even more important they'll outline why, despite recent pullbacks and volatility, the global energy industry remains in the early stages of a multi-year supercycle driven by chronic supply shortfalls.

Elliott and Roger will also identify the most profitable trends and their favorite stocks to buy right now for both income and growth potential. They'll cover the key investment themes to watch across the major sub-sectors of the industry including oil and gas producers, refiners, high-yield midstream Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and pipeline companies as well as nuclear power and renewables. And they'll also reveal some stocks on their blacklist—over-hyped stocks and income traps that could lose investors some serious cash over the next few years.

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Roger Conrad's Profile

Roger Conrad has successfully advised income investors since the 1980s, with a nationally acclaimed sector specialty in utilities, telecommunications, and energy. He's a managing partner at Capitalist Times and author of the book Power Hungry: Strategic Investing in Telecommunications, Utilities, & Other Essential Services. Mr. Conrad is also an independent director of the NYSE-listed Miller Howard high-income equity fund and a contributing editor to Forbes.com.