February 6 - 9, 2020 | Orlando

Mike Turner

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Turner Capital Investments

Mike Turner, president and chief portfolio manager of Turner Capital Investments, LLC, has a strong financial, mathematical, computer science, and engineering background. He takes a disciplined, rules-based approach to trading with the use of his unique "Market-Directional" investment methodology. Mr. Turner is the author of the widely read and popular books, 10: The Essential Rules for Beating the Market and Rule 1 for Investing: How to Always Be on the Right Side of the Market. He believes that buy-and-hold is one of the highest-risk investment strategies that investors follow. His approach is to keep his clients in strong, up-trending stocks and index ETFs in bull markets; switch to high-yielding money market funds in transition markets; and invest client capital in technically strong, up-trending inverse ETFs in bear markets. With this approach, Turner Capital clients enjoy growing their capital in both bull and bear markets; and remain safely on the sidelines in high-risk transition markets.

Speaker Schedule

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