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Orlando Master Classes

Attend these in-depth sessions and deepen your understanding of specific investment or trading topics. Don’t miss the insights, strategies, tools, forecasts, and specific recommendations that can turn investment potential into profitable success!

What Dividend Growth Stocks Are Outperforming High-Dividend Stocks*


Regarded as one of the top income investors on Wall Street, Louis Navellier, editor, Blue Chip Growth, Dividend Growth, Ultimate Growth, and, Emerging Growth will discuss how he identifies top income-investment opportunities.

During This Exclusive Event You Will Learn:

  • How to Best Use DividendGrader
  • AA Stocks
  • The Danger of Many Dividend ETFs
  • Power Dividend
  • Concentrated High Dividend
  • Covered-Call Option Writing on High-Dividend Stocks
  • High-Dividend Income in REITs & MLPs
  • Why 2-to-3 Dividend Portfolios Are Better than 1

If you've been struggling to find higher income opportunities for your portfolio in this low-yield environment, you won't want to miss this event!

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

Tools, Tactics, Techniques of a 30-year Veteran Forex Trader*


With an emphasis on currencies, learn how to trade the largest market in the world with the free tools and indicators from 30-year forex-trading veteran Raghee Horner.

In This Master Class, You Will Learn:

  • How to automate classic tools on any chart from support resistance, market trends, and momentum with four simple tools
  • Learn to use price movement ranges to accurate place stops and entries
  • Seldom used but powerful tools to help you build a complete trading arsenal and give you a plan you can put to work right away

Whether you are a day trader or a longer-term trend follow, Raghee Horner will decode the market with classic and simple tools that can be used successfully on any time frame.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

Keynote Luncheon with Larry Kudlow*


Larry Kudlow is more than just a familiar face in Washington and on Wall Street. Larry is a champion of free-market, supply-side economics, armed with knowledge, vision, and integrity acquired over a career spanning four decades.Join Larry for an always enlightening, entertaining, and thought-provoking luncheon. And share a joyous moment when MoneyShow presents Larry with a well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. Afterwards, Larry will take time to autograph his book JFK and the Reagan Revolution-a can't-miss event!

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

How to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement*


The current low-yield market environment may not be ending anytime soon, creating a need to strategically allocate between stocks, bonds, and funds, to be sure your money supports your desired lifestyle throughout retirement.

In this Master Class, three top retirement experts will share:

  • Effective strategies for managing your assets for an unknown time horizon of retirement, given current market conditions and longer life span expectations
  • How to strategically allocate your investments beyond the traditional mix of stocks, bonds, and funds
  • Specific investments that could accomplish the goal of making your nest egg comfortably provide an income throughout your lifetime

If you'd like to ensure that your golden years remain golden throughout your lifetime, you won't want to miss this important session.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

Basics of Options Trading Using Covered-Call Writing*


Learn how to generate monthly cash flow by selling options against shares of stock you already own, a strategy known as covered call writing. This low-risk, conservative investment approach is permitted in your self-directed IRA accounts. Hosted by noted covered-call-writing expert, Dr. Alan Ellman, president of The Blue Collar Investor Corp., this Master Class will be a special pro-active two-part seminar:

First, there will be a detailed presentation, with examples, of the three required skills needed to achieve excellence in covered call writing:

  • Stock selection
  • Option selection
  • Position management (exit strategies)

In the second half of the seminar, you will share with the group stocks or ETFs you own or are considering purchasing. The class will then go to real-life options chains to access current premiums and feed this information into the Ellman Calculator to evaluate the amount of cash and percentage returns that can be gleaned from this popular option-selling strategy geared to retail investors. Worksheets will be provided to all participants. Access to free copies of the Basic Ellman Calculator and free DVDs will be distributed to all attendees.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

Energy: Is the Timing Right?*


Energy prices have been volatile over the past several years, as the global markets grapple with lower demand and a supply glut. Is this sector trying to stage a recovery or settling into a new normal? Phil Flynn, senior energy analyst at The PRICE Futures Group, will share his insights and enlighten you to what you can expect from the energy market and how you can develop profitable investment strategies, regardless of the price of a barrel of oil.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

  • What part of the cycle the energy market is in now, and where will it go from here?
  • Best-in-class companies and Master Limited Partnership investment opportunities
  • How to pick the winners and avoid putting money into the losers

Now more than ever, being selective with your investment choices is key to your long-term success.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

The Quant & Algo Futures Trading Workshop for the 21st-Century Trader*


This Master Class is designed for all market professionals looking to improve timing skills on entering and exiting a trading position with an emphasis on the futures markets. Join 38-year veteran futures trader John Person as he demonstrates specific criteria he has used in algorithm trading using a computer system in real-time across several futures markets such as E-mini S&Ps, crude oil, gold, live cattle, soybeans, and 30-year Treasury bonds.

Here Are Some Highlights of What This Session Will Cover:

  • Developing a day trading strategy using the Persons Pivots with the PPS indicator
  • How to better integrate volume with price analysis to filter higher-probability trades
  • What indicators work best for detecting shifts in volatility
  • Recognizing bullish and bearish divergences with specific volume and RS indicators
  • Defining risk and reward ratios to determine position sizes within a trader's capital and margin requirements
  • Setting stop-loss targets using the LCC indicator

If you've ever wanted to learn practical trading techniques for day- and swing-trading, as well as how to apply these tactics for trading commodity-based stock and ETFs, then this class is definitely for you! This class will reveal a variety of trading techniques using specific technical indicators to help you develop a more effective short-term trading strategy.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

Managing Your Portfolio in This New Era


Every portfolio benefits from the right combination of stocks and funds. But, which stocks and funds should be included in a well-diversified portfolio? What factors should you consider in choosing specific stocks and funds? How should you determine which sectors to include and which choices to make within those sectors? Have you considered all the relevant market, industry, and risks that could impact your portfolio's performance?

The financial landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years, creating new vistas of investment opportunity while adding layers of complexity and challenging much of yesterday's traditional market wisdom. Join this trio of market veterans and learn how to pick the right strategies to meet your investment goals, protect your assets in any market environment, and build a profitable portfolio in bull, bear, or sideways markets.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

How to Increase Your Profits Trading ETFs


Join best-selling author and market expert, Toni Turner,

for this comprehensive Master Class in which you will discover how to trade and invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Toni will show you:

  • The benefits of trading ETFs
  • How to "follow the money" in sector funds
  • When and why to trade "cap-weighted" vs. "equal-weighted" funds
  • How to trade ETFs successfully in both bull and bear markets

You will also learn Toni's simple strategies for trading these funds in both short-term and long-term time frames, and much more. Be sure to attend this exciting session and learn how to increase your profits-starting now-with ETFs!

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

The Hottest Stocks for 2018 Lunch Panel*


As all investors know, last year's winners are not always next year's top performers. Picking winners for 2018 requires analysis and hard work. Join this panel of top money experts and hear their time-tested strategies for separating fact from fiction when it comes to evaluating stocks to add to your portfolio for 2018. Each of these experts will share where they are investing now, what they think the markets are missing out on, and how you can take advantage of today's opportunities--before the rest of the market does!

Each attendee will get a booklet with the panelists stock picks with analysis of each stock.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

Biotechnology: Changing the World


Biotechnology continues to be a very exciting sector with scores of new potentially life-changing innovations coming to market. This gathering of the most forward-thinking minds in biotechnology will explore advances in healthcare and research addressing cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and more. Imagine investing in companies that have the potential to turn these diseases off at their genetic source.

Join You'll learn:

  • How to distinguish between real news and the hype
  • About the next blockbuster breakthrough products
  • Which companies have enormous investment potential

In this Master Class, you'll hear about new investment opportunities shaping tomorrow's biotech marketplace, and gain invaluable insights that you can turn into actionable investment strategies.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

The Swing Trader's Guide to Trends, Retracements, and Breakout Trades in Today's Market*


Traders and investors of all experience levels can benefit from a refresher course on how to spot the best trending stocks along with the most efficient ways to trade them with minimal risk. Join Corey Rosenbloom, CMT, author of The Complete Trading Course, as he discusses the three core price principles and how they build effective and simple trades in trending environments. Corey will show you how to set up your charts to identify strongly trending stocks in play. Using this as a foundation, he will guide you through specific entry, exit, and price target-setting tactics that have stood the test of time. Attendees will also receive a special Trader's Reference Guide with six specific trade set-ups you can begin using right away.

$109 per person if purchased by January 18; $139 per person if purchased after January 18

Golf Tournament Under the Stars & Lights*


Join MoneyShow president Aaron West for fun and profit at The MoneyShow golf tournament. Last year's tournament was a huge success, so we're bringing it back again for the second year. Gather your team of four for this scramble on the executive nine-hole par-three course and play just for the fun of it or to win! We'll have prizes for the winning group, closest to the pin, and hole-in-one.

At only $50 per person, this price includes clubs, snacks, and potential prizes. Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

$50 per person if purchased by January 18; $75 per person if purchased after January 18