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Recorded on: Thurs., Jun. 10, 3:25 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

The New Debate: Crypto vs. Gold

Gold has traditionally been the safe-haven asset class for investors in times of turmoil and uncertainty. But, as Bitcoin and its crypto cousins have gained popularity in recent years, changes might be afoot. Hedge fund titans such as Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller, as well as tech visionary, Elon Musk, have accumulated substantial stakes in digital currencies, and so have institutional investors such as BlackRock and Guggenheim Partners. Two experts will make the case for why one asset class might be better investments than the other.
Adrian Day
Chairman and CEO
Adrian Day Asset Management
Mark Skousen
Forecasts & Strategies, TNT Trader
Michael Venuto
Co-Founder and CIO
Toroso Investments

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