October 30 - November 1, 2022|Orlando, Florida
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Thurs., Jun. 10, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM EDT

How to Use the Market's Money to Finance a Portfolio Hedge

Buying put options on stock index futures is one way to hedge portfolio risk but it isn't the only way; nor is it the best way. Put buying is synonymous with purchasing insurance against portfolio losses beyond a specific price point, but the costs of such insurance is high and the benefits are generally low over time. There are less used strategies that might offer more practical solutions such as selling call options to pay for any put protection purchased. Of course, such practices don't make sense in all circumstances. Join us to discuss the most effective and efficient methods of hedging stock market risk.

  • What are risk reversals and market collars?
  • How can one obtain cheap, or free, portfolio insurance?
  • What are the opportunity costs of free insurance?
  • When and how should this hedging strategy be employed.
Carley Garner
Senior Commodity Market Strategist and Broker
DeCarley Trading

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