February 7 - 10, 2019 | Orlando

Workshop Details

Thurs., Feb. 7, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

How to Invest in the Best Cryptocurrencies with the Least Risk

The new world of cryptocurrencies has delivered astonishing profits to investors and holds great promise for the future. But it suffers from great volatility, lax standards, murky operators, marketing hype, and periodic market crashes. It desperately needs the clarity that only robust, impartial ratings can provide.That is where Martin D. Weiss has stepped in. His firm, Weiss Ratings, is the only financial rating agency in the world that issues grades on cryptocurrencies and the only one that warned investors about 2018 crash in Bitcoin. At this gala 3-hour event, Weiss and team will give you:

  • a quick crash course on how and when to buy cryptos without hassles
  • the names of cryptos you shouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole
  • the names and specific instructions on which cryptos can give you the best upside potential with the least downside risk, plus ...
  • answers to all your questions about this extremely high-profit, volatile new world.

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Martin Weiss


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