February 4 - 6, 2021 | Orlando

Workshop Details

Feb. 8, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST

Probability Stacking in the Futures Market: How to Develop a Trading Plan on Steroids for Ultimate Success*

Matt Brown, founder and head trader of Newbie-Trader.com, will give an in-depth Master Class on how he has uncovered the rhythms of the futures market and turned that into a high-probability order-entry day-trading plan complete with dynamic targets, trails, and stops.

This Master Class Will:

  • Explain short- and intermediate-term market cycles
  • Introduce confluence techniques to identify support and resistance
  • Demonstrate the power of using market profile, harmonics, and Elliott wave
  • Apply how to use market internals for filtering trade selection
  • Teach multiple order-entry techniques that can be used daily
  • Over the past decade, Matt has taught thousands of students around the globe on how to make a living trading the online futures markets. Although you may have not heard of him directly, his alumni are among some of the largest professional Chicago pit traders who transitioned off "the floor" into electronic trading. Some appear regularly on CNBC while others run hedge funds, work for institutions, and others are simply home-schooling moms who just drive the kids to soccer practice. Although it is nice to have high-profile clients, the majority of his students and alumni are people just like you and me who want nothing more than the freedom to work when they want, where they want, how they want, and for whom they want.

    Come join Matt so he can help you introduce confluence techniques to identify support and resistance, restore your confidence in trading, remove your in-trade anxiety, and improve your performance.

    All attendees will be provided FREE access to a charting tool download and high-probability trading plan ($397 value).

    $139 per person if purchased by January 16; $159 per person if purchased after January 16. Includes refreshments.

    Please call for more information or to purchase tickets at 800-970-4355.

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    Matt Brown

    Founder and Head Trader


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