February 6 - 9, 2020 | Orlando

Workshop Details

Feb. 9, 1:45 PM - 4:45 PM EST

Option Strategies That Work in Practice*

Some option strategies are so complicated that they don't really work in practice. In this session, Larry McMillan, editor and publisher of The Options Strategist, will look at option strategies that DO work. Ones that have been making money consistently for some time, and ones geared to make money in a particular environment.

Strategies Which Will Be Encompassed in This Master Class:

  • Speculative strategies: use of put-call ratios, use of predictive tools, including seasonal patterns, option-based indicators
  • Non-directional strategies: selling options, neutral straddle buying, including hedged strategies using $VIX and $SPX derivatives in the same position
  • Specific functions, such as protecting a portfolio of stocks with index or volatility options
  • Finally, this session will also stress strategies to avoid, or at least to be used with caution: bull and bear spreads, for example, which are often used too frequently
  • $109 per person if purchased by January 17; $139 per person if purchased after January 17. Includes refreshments.

    Please call for more inforamtion or to purchase tickets at 800-970-4355

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    Lawrence McMillan

    Founder & President

    McMillan Analysis Corporation