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Recorded on: Jun. 12, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

Puzzles and Paradoxes in Money and the Economy*

Is it the madness of crowds or the wisdom of crowds? How is it that a crowd of individuals can come within a pound of guessing the weight of a prize bull, yet buy stocks at the top of a frenzied bull market or panic sell at the bottom of a bear market? Dr. Mark Skousen, editor, Forecasts & Strategies, solves the riddle!

What is the best way to measure a rising standard of living: Average real wages or goods/services that people can buy? Why have average real wages stagnated since the early 1970s while Americans have been blessed with great many new technologies and higher standard of living? Dr. Skousen will explain.

What drives the economy and the stock market: Consumer spending, business investment, or government stimulus? The media constantly says that consumer spending drives the economy and government needs to spend, spend, spend to stimulate the economy. Dr. Skousen shows how many countries live within their means, have high saving rates, and grow faster. He will show why consumer and government spending are the effect, not the cause of prosperity, and why investing your savings wisely in productive enterprises can lead to financial independence and a rich life. Can money buy happiness? The answer may surprise you. Dr. Skousen will summarize the rewards of wealth and the dangers.

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Mark Skousen
Forecasts & Strategies, TNT Trader

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