August 15 - 17, 2019 | San Francisco
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Event Overview

Thursday, August 23 • 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Contrary to popular misconception, women investors aren’t less confident or more risk-averse than their male counterparts—in fact, women typically beat men’s portfolio returns in the long run!

Designed to help women address the unique challenges and opportunities they face in building a strong financial foundation for themselves and their families, our Women on Wealth program will show you what areas of the market offer the best growth potential in the year ahead—and what sectors women investors should be especially wary of.



speaker photo MARKETS
Lindsey Bell

CFRA, Equity and Fund Research

speaker photo FUNDS
Christine Benz

Morningstar, Inc.

speaker photo FUNDS
Janet Brown

FundX Investment Group

speaker photo BONDS
Marilyn Cohen

Envision Capital Management, Inc.

speaker photo TECHNOLOGY
speaker photo MARKETS
Kim Githler


speaker photo ENERGY
Kathleen Hartnett White

Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment

speaker photo TECHNOLOGY
Kym McNicholas


speaker photo MARKETS
Kathleen (Kamie) Zaracki


speaker photo RETIREMENT
Evelyn Zohlen

Inspired Financial, LLC