August 23 - 25, 2018 | San Francisco

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Recorded on: Aug. 26, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

The Darkest Pools: What Nobody Else Will Tell You!

Is the stock market really rigged? We've all heard that it may be manipulated, but only a few people can show you proof that it is. In this unique animated presentation, Stefanie Kammerman, aka The Stock Whisperer will share with you many pictures of actual Dark Pool trades that have controlled this market.Did you know that over 40% of all the trades being executed right now are happening in this alternative secret exchange known as the Dark Pool? With over 24 years of experience trading in and around the Dark Pool, Stefanie will share the secret ways the Dark Pool trades and how you can gain easy access to it. She will show you the 4 different types of Dark Pool trades and teach you how you can profit off them. Reading the Dark Pool tape is how Stefanie has called the last 10 corrections on social media before they happened as well as a 93% success rate on her popular FREE Whisper of The Day videos.Come see what all the buzz is about

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