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August 20 - 22, 2020 | San Francisco

Workshop Details

Aug. 17, 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM PDT

Getting Started With Low-Risk Option Strategies*

Learn how to generate monthly cash flow by selling options against shares of stock you already own, a strategy known as covered call writing. This low-risk, conservative investment approach is permitted in your self-directed IRA accounts. Retail investors can leverage shares of stock already owned to create an additional monthly income stream. Noted covered-call-writing expert, Dr. Alan Ellman, president of The Blue Collar Investor Corporation, will discuss five actionable techniques: covered-call writing; selling cash-secured puts; PCP strategy, which uses both calls and puts; portfolio overwriting to elevate returns in buy-and-hold portfolios; and the zero-dollar collar to protect your gains while allowing your portfolio to increase in value.

This Master Class will be a special pro-active two-part seminar. First, there will be a detailed presentation, with examples, of the three required skills needed to achieve excellence in covered call writing:

  • Stock selection
  • Option selection
  • Position management (exit strategies)

In the second half of the class, you will share with the group stocks or ETFs you own or are considering purchasing. The class will then go to real-life options chains to access current premiums and feed this information into the Ellman Calculator to evaluate the amount of cash and percentage returns that can be gleaned from this popular option-selling strategy geared to retail investors. Worksheets will be provided to all participants. Access to free copies of the Basic Ellman Calculator and free DVDs will be distributed to all attendees.

$109 per person if purchased by July 24; $139 per person if purchased after July 24. Includes refreshments.

Please call for more information or to purchase tickets at 800-970-4355.

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