June 12 - 13, 2020 | Seattle

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Jun. 15, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT

Not All Dividend Investments Are Created Equal*

Dividend-focused investors march to a different drummer. They also get to look forward to more consistent results, typically outperform other stock market strategies, and sleep well at night.

In this Master Class, Tim Plaehn, investment research analyst, Investors Alley, will discuss the different types of dividend stocks. Investors often do not realize there are different categories driven by tax rules and business categories.

Tim will also cover the ins and outs and differences of managing a stock portfolio focused on dividend income. His Dividend Hunter strategies have helped thousands of investors become more successful dividend stock investors.

A detailed breakdown of different income-focused, exchange-traded investments, and the pros and cons of each will be discussed:

  • Dividend-Paying Corporations (utilities and dividend aristocrats)
  • Companies Using Pass-Through Business Structures (REITs, BDCs, MLPs, MLP Look-Alikes)
  • Offshore-Domiciled Companies
  • Preferred Stocks
  • Packaged Products (ETFs and CEFs)
  • How to Manage a Portfolio of Income Stocks and Change the Typical Investor Mindset

If you've been struggling to find higher-income opportunities for your portfolio in this low-yield environment, you won't want to miss this event!

$109 per person if purchased by May 24; $139 after May 24. Include refreshments.

speaker photo DIVIDEND
Tim Plaehn

Investment Research Analyst

Investors Alley

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