September 20 - 21, 2019 | Toronto

Jay Rosenthal


Co-Founder & President

Business of Cannabis

Fascinated by the emerging cannabis industry in Canada, Jay Rosenthal co-founded Business of Cannabis (BofC) in early 2017 with two partners. BofC has become the go-to source for research, context, and insight into the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of the Canadian cannabis sector. In the coming months, BofC will further solidify its position in the sector by producing a series of workplace trainings in partnership with the Human Resources Professionals Association, launching the inaugural
Medical Cannabis Week in partnership with Technology TO and Health TO and by publishing its first quarterly magazine. In addition to being a contributor to Huffington Post and Civilized Life , Mr. Rosenthal is a sought-after media source, regularly contributing to the Business News Network , CBC , CTV, and the Globe and Mail.