September 20 - 21, 2019 | Toronto
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Event Overview

Saturday, September 21 - 9:15 am - 3:30 pm

MoneyShow is proud to partner with Canadian MoneySaver, to bring you a jam-packed, full-day event covering money matters that affect your life and your financial security. You’ll learn how to maximize gains, cut your taxes, and keep more of your money through retirement and estate-planning strategies. With a recognized reputation for providing trustworthy and down-to-earth service, Canadian MoneySaver’s expert columnists will share their best money-saving and money-making strategies with you.


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Canadian MoneySaver is an acclaimed investment advisory with a recognized reputation for providing a trustworthy and down-to-earth service since 1981. Offered in both a print and electronic version, you receive practical investment advice researched, experienced, and described by more than five dozen financial practitioners, including financial planners, tax experts, portfolio managers, investment advisers, and successful investors from across Canada.


speaker photo RETIREMENT
Rona Birenbaum

Caring for Clients

speaker photo MONEY MANAGEMENT
John De Goey

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.

speaker photo STRATEGIES
Paulette Filion

Strategy Marketing

speaker photo MARKETS
Ryan Modesto

5i Research Inc.

speaker photo STRATEGIES
Judy Paradi

Strategy Marketing

speaker photo ESTATE PLANNING
Colin Ritchie

Colin S. Ritchie

speaker photo STRATEGIES
Ellen Roseman

Toronto Star

speaker photo FINANCIALS
Lana Sanichar

Canadian Money Saver

speaker photo STRATEGIES
Rita Silvan

Golden Girl Finance

speaker photo STRATEGIES
Barbara Stewart

Canadian MoneySaver Magazine

Summary Of Events

September 21, 2019
1:45 pm - 2:30 pm