September 25 - 26, 2020 | Toronto

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Fri., Sep. 20, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

The Smart Way to Trade Undervalued Stocks

Bottom feeding strategies that try to identify overlooked, underappreciated stocks can be very profitable. But—there is a catch. Undervalued stocks may not turn around as quickly as anticipated. A rebounding company or sector can be a magnificent thing to take advantage of-but signs of continued weakness can punish the security further. For this reason, you need an approach that marries company fundamentals with technical analysis. Only technical analysis can offer clues to the actions of the crowd and uncover key signs of the "smart money" buying into the real opportunities. Keith Richards will teach you how to use technical analysis to determine if a fundamentally undervalued company is about to turn the corner. He will show you how to identify the upside price targets along with the downside stop-loss discipline necessary to ensure you reduce your risk, while maximizing your returns on turnaround stocks. You'll enjoy Keith's often-humorous approach as he discusses navigating the murky waters of the stock market.

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Keith Richards

President, Chief Portfolio Manager

ValueTrend Wealth Management

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