September 25 - 26, 2020 | Toronto

Panel Workshop Details

Fri., Sep. 20, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Growth or Income? Tailoring Your Portfolio with the Right ETFs

The right Core and Explore strategy can help you build a portfolio that is simple, cost-effective and meets your unique investor needs. This session will show you how you can leverage two key innovations in Canadian ETFs 1) Covered Call ETFs 2) Asset Allocation ETFs (ZCON/ZBAL/ZGRO) to build a simple but tailored portfolio to meet a range of income or growth needs. Both innovations have become popular investment tools on their own, but looking at combining them gives investors enhanced income while maintaining needed diversification, all at a low cost. The session will provide investors with a detailed understanding of solutions, help investors analyze their options and provide insights how to tailor a portfolio to add the desired level of income. Come find out more about these strategies and how they can simplify your approach to investing, lower your costs and help you successfully meet your objectives.

speaker photo
Chris McGrath

Director BMO ETFs

BMO Global Asset Management

speaker photo
Chris McHaney, CFA

Director & Portfolio Manager, Exchange Traded Funds

BMO Global Asset Management

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