July 17 - 18, 2020 | Chicago

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Mon., Jul. 22, 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM CDT

From the Past to the Future--An Interactive Trading Class*

This class with a pro trader and world-famous teacher of traders, Dr. Alexander Elder, will address all the essential points that every trader needs to handle:

Psychology: discipline is a key factor in your success or failure. Discover the best tool for developing discipline.

Technical analysis: learn to select a small number of indicators to track crowd behavior, follow trends and anticipate reversals.

Two trading systems: one for trading trends, the other for trend reversals. You will learn both, and your choice will depend on two factors: the current phase of the market and your personal style.

It's psychology again: some people's minds are better suited for trading trends while others for trading reversals. Dr Elder will show you examples of both, using charts from his own trade journal.

Risk control: how to manage risk for survival and success—in every single trade and in your account as a whole.

Stops and trade sizing: you will receive a spreadsheet that will let you find logical answers to these two key questions in every trade.

Profit targets: the power word in trading is "enough"—and here you'll find what's enough for any trade. Learn to protect profits and not allow them to turn into losses by waiting too long.

This class will focus on decision-making in current markets. Rather than dwell on PowerPoints showing the past, Dr. Elder will use trading software and current data to illustrate all the key points and answer questions. You are welcome to ask about specific stocks, futures, and currencies. Imagine how useful it will be to see how a professional trader plans his trades in front of you.

*$299 per person if purchased by June 28, $349 per person if purchased after June 28. Includes refreshments.

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