November 12 - 14, 2018 | Las Vegas

Cotton Graham



G2 Petroleum LLC

Cotton Graham entered the upstream side of the petroleum industry in 1995. Starting on the ground floor, Mr. Graham facilitated business relationships with private/public entities, which eventually inspired him to start his first oil exploration company in 2004. In 2008, he established G2 Petroleum LLC, a venture capital company, and began acquiring operating and non-operating interest in oilfields throughout the U.S. During the oil-market crash of 2014, Mr. Graham found opportunity, buying 2000 acres of oil leases in Burkburnett, TX and creating Newport Operating LLC.

Newport Operating now allows him to oversee the oil production, as well as the capital investments. That control creates a transparent stream-line of information for G2 Petroleum investors, which is complimented by Newport's 95% drilling success rate over 2 years.
Mr. Graham's vision of an A to B oil investing platform, that goes directly from the operator to the investor, is being realized. Now, sitting on top of an estimated 2.2M barrels of oil in Boomtown, TX, he knows, "Just farming oil, is a crystal-clear investment choice."