November 19 - 21, 2020 | Las Vegas

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Fri., Nov. 8, 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

Futures Trading 101: What Every Stock and Options Trader Should Know

Futures trading has exploded. The futures industry is one of the fastest growing financial sectors. This presentation examines what the futures markets are, how they operate, who uses them, and why. Discover the next big change in the futures markets and why stock and option traders are adding futures to their investment choices as internationally renowned trader/educator Dan Gramza of Gramza Capital Management Inc. and dangramza.com, explores the benefits and strategies of trading futures. He will show you how to compare stocks, ETFs, and stock index futures as investment choices and what he considers the futures edge. Professional traders know the similarities and differences between these investments and so should you.

Dan will apply his proprietary approach to trading to current live futures markets. His simplified approach will provide clarity to how you look at the markets. Drawing on over 30 years of trading experience he will apply these concepts in real time and identify trading opportunities to current markets selected by the participants.

Learn how his unique techniques open a new dimension to trading by revealing the market dynamics that create the patterns—an invaluable key to market movement and direction. This effective trading tool is applicable to all markets and a variety of different time frames and may be used alone or with conventional Western technical analysis.

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Daniel Gramza


Gramza Capital Management, Inc.

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