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November 4 - 6, 2021 | Las Vegas

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Recorded on: Fri., Nov. 3, 5:45 PM - 6:30 PM PDT

Black Swan Foreign Currency Trading

Trading forex successfully requires study and constant focus. It is imperative to know your market, know the risks, and know yourself to establish a trading methodology that is right for you. Ultimately, there are no short-cuts or Holy Grails, despite what others may suggest. But you can make real money trading forex if you do the right things consistently over time. This workshop is designed as an introduction to the forex market, it explains those crucial elements you must understand in order to confidently trade forex, and it provides you with trading tools and techniques you can utilize immediately and build upon as you move forward as an independent trader. Hopefully, this workshop will not only help you to be a better trader, but inspire you to life-long learning in the exciting and dynamic market we call forex. In this session, you will learn basic terminology, why prices move in boom-bust price fractal pattern, basic economic fundamentals that drive currency prices over the intermediate-term, an entry and exit technical trading methodology to increase probability of a winning trade and limit risk if the idea is wrong, and basic trader's psychology rules to remember.

Attendees will receive one-month access to Black Swan Forex subscription service (a $99 value), one month of free mentoring (via Skype or email) to help apply knowledge gained from the workshop, 30% discount on BlackSwan's flagship forex trading letter (a $300 savings!), and key reference materials to support ongoing development as a forex trader.

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