November 19 - 21, 2020 | Las Vegas

Panel Workshop Details

Tues., Nov. 13, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM PST

CME Group Accelerated Futures Trading Course*

Join CME Group at The TradersEXPO Las Vegas for a unique, half-day accelerated learning course designed exclusively for futures traders. Learn to trade futures from start to finish with effective strategies to minimize risks without missing market opportunities. This expedited course is uniquely designed for futures traders of all levels, and you will leave prepared for portfolio growth.

Paul Kamhout and Craig Bewick

Welcoming Remarks

Regardless of the products you currently trade, all traders should be educated on futures and options on futures because of the insights they provide into many different asset classes. Craig and Paul will provide a brief introduction to futures including:

  • Benefits of Futures
  • How they Work/ why they're important for a trader's portfolio
  • Characteristics to look for and why they're useful
  • Followed by a discussion of CME Group's most liquid products and how to incorporate into your trading portfolio using real-world examples.

    Bob Iaccino

    The World of WTI Crude Oil Market

    Bob Iaccino discusses the macroeconomic factors in the world's largest energy market. Bob will demonstrate how to use futures and options on futures to explore this dynamic and liquid market during times of seasonality, supply issues, infrastructure constraints and unexpected sanctions.

    Dan Gramza

    How to Use Futures and Options to Express Your Market Opinion in Equity Indices?

    Dan Gramza will identify real-time opportunities in the futures and futures and options markets looking at option premiums and implied volatility values, in addition to sharing specific trading strategies applied to live markets.

    David Lerman

    Off the Deep End with Futures

    David Lerman takes a deep dive into options on futures including how to use historical implied volatility percentile rankings in your trading, the opportunities that inter-commodity options spreads present and common pitfalls when trading these markets. David's presentation will feature case-studies and share personal anecdotes on these topics from his +30 years at CME.

    *SAVE $50--$299 per person if purchased by October 31, $349 per person if purchased after October 31. Includes refreshments.

    speaker photo
    Craig Bewick

    Director of Client Development and Sales

    CME Group

    speaker photo
    Dennis Gartman

    Editor and Publisher

    The Gartman Letter, L.C.

    speaker photo
    Daniel Gramza


    Gramza Capital Management, Inc.

    speaker photo
    Bob Iaccino


    Path Trading Partners, LLC

    speaker photo
    Paul Kamhout

    Director of Client Development

    CME Group

    speaker photo
    David Lerman

    Senior Director of Education

    CME Group

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