November 19 - 21, 2020 | Las Vegas

Panel Workshop Details

Fri., Nov. 8, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM PDT

The Complete Swing Trading System*

This Master Class teaches you a comprehensive trading system that enables you to see the macro to micro condition of the market and any financial instrument, so you can precisely time your way in and profit from day to swing trades.

This is a rare opportunity to have former floor trader, and 40-year trading veteran Michele "Mish" Schneider, award winning author, and winner of the 2018 best trade pick at Real Vision, show you how to profit in both bull and bear markets with her simple, methodical trading strategies.

In the first half of this Master Class, Mish will give you the strategies and hands-on-learning tactics you can use to:

  • Anticipate major market trends with Mish's simple "market phases" strategy, so you can profit from the market's volatility
  • Identify the best time to enter major trends to confidently maximize your profits and minimize your risk
  • Apply Mish's step-by-step trading rules for entering, exiting, and taking profits

In the second half of this Master Class, Mish will be joined by her partners at MarketGauge, former floor traders and hedge fund managers, Keith Schneider and Geoff Bysshe, CEO and president of MarketGauge respectively.

This section of the class will take your trading to the next level with hedge fund caliber market analysis that anyone can use to identify trends that consistently provide big swing trades.

In this section, you'll discover how to:

  • Use market sector ETFs for cyclical analysis so like a pro you can anticipate the overall market's next move, and with sector rotation, identify the biggest profit potential
  • Identify and trade the stocks and sectors that lead bull markets up and bear markets down using intermarket analysis
  • Identify trends using momentum analysis that is not seen by most traders, but enable you to see market reversals in advance

After this class, you'll feel confident in your ability to actively invest or trade in any market condition, and as a result, see market volatility as an opportunity.

There will be a book signing immediately following the class. Books will be available for purchase at $13 per book for a signed copy. *SAVE $50-$299 per person if purchased by October 17, $349 per person if purchased after October 17. Includes refreshments.

speaker photo
Geoff Bysshe

Co-Founder and President


speaker photo
Keith Schneider

Co-Founder and CEO

MarketGauge.com and MarketGauge Asset Management Co.

speaker photo
Michele Schneider

Director of Trading Education and Research


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