March 15 - 17, 2020 | New York

Robert Savage

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Partner & CEO

CCTrack Solutions

Bob Savage co-founded and runs Track Research, which publishes daily global macro analysis and weekly crypto market analysis. He also founded and runs Savage Markets consultancy providing bespoke trading advisory, marketing and research for those in FX and crypto. Mr. Savage also runs CCTrack Solutions an FX overlay advisor with $4 billion. Previously, Mr. Savage was the COO at FX Concepts and he served as managing director of FX Sales at Goldman Sachs, where he published widely read and insightful research focused on the foreign exchange markets and the macroeconomic environment. As well as twenty-three years at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Savage worked as the head of New York Foreign Exchange trading for Lehman Brothers and as a Director of Proprietary Trading at Bank of America Securities.

Speaker Schedule

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