March 6 - 8, 2021 | New York
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Event Overview

Foreign exchange is the most liquid sector to trade and offers some of the greatest trends and opportunities to profit. But, understanding their technical tendencies and the geopolitical drivers that moves these markets is essential to trading success. In this all-new special track, our team of professional forex traders will provide you with the tools to navigate these international markets.

Plus, exchange ideas with fellow traders that are attending the summit and you will have the opportunity to evaluate the trading tools and services in the exhibit hall that can assist you in making more informed trading decisions. 


Benefits of Attending

  • Learn the fundamentals of trading commodity currencies
  • Find out whether the US dollar will surpass par and get up-to-date dollar analysis
  • Discover the best cross-pair strategies
  • Get a new take on the Golden Cross & Death Cross signals
  • Understand the correlation between traditional forex and cryptocurrencies
  • Master order execution to take your trade set-ups to the market effectively

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