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The Global Macro Edge Series

Event Overview

Event Overview

John Netto and a number of contributing authors to his book, The Global Macro Edge, will be hosting a special macro-trading educational event at this year's TradersEXPO New York. The theme for this event will be how market participants can benefit from better structuring.

This day-long event will take a comprehensive look at how to structure risk more efficiently through better trade construction, as well as how to better structure one’s trading business using the latest technology and legal insight. This information will be presented to address a wide range of participants ranging from institutions, self-directed investors, hedge fund managers, prop traders, advisors, and service providers. This unique topic will only be presented one time in 2018, so don't miss it!

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Jay Winship

Pacific Point Capital LLC

Principal and Founder

Neil Azous

Rareview Capital LLC

Founder, Managing Member, & CIO

Jason Roney

Bluegrass Capital Management

Founding Principal

Rod Casilli


COO, Head of Product Management

What You'll Learn

  • A top-down and bottom-up approach to next-generation investing that is driven by one overarching goal: maximizing return per unit-of-risk
  • A logical and robust investment framework that can help you profitably navigate global markets by enhancing your operations, analytics, and execution
  • The tools and techniques these top professional traders use to identify and solve the largest problems facing investors, traders, and financial advisors today
  • Hear these top professional traders debunk commonly held investment myths such as more risk equals more return, money always finds its most efficient home, and many more.