March 10 - 12, 2019 | New York
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Event Overview

March 10 | 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Options used to be the purview of highly sophisticated traders, but now they are essential tools for every trader. Whether making a directional bet, volatility play, or simply creating a more dynamic risk-management strategy, options allow you to calibrate every position to maximize profit and minimize risk. Our option all-stars will show you new and innovative ways to use options. They will teach you to play chess while competing traders are still playing checkers.



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Fahad Khalid


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Lawrence McMillan

McMillan Analysis Corporation

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Todd Salamone

Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc.

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Ashok Yarlagadda


Summary Of Events

March 11, 2019

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear how you can protect your downside and maintain opportunity through options
  • Watch advanced options trades and complex strategies in action
  • Find out how to use options as a risk-management tool
  • Discover which strategies work best in which market conditions, based on price, time to expiration, and volatility
  • Learn how to apply seasonal tendencies in commodities to write options
  • Make the skew work for you