March 6 - 8, 2021 | New York

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Sun., Mar. 10, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

Kairos: The Supreme Opportunity Where a Trader Has the Greatest Edge*

Kairos is defined as the supreme moment. Markets are a zero-sum game. To have the edge over the person on the other side of the trade, one must understand what may be coming against them, avoid it, and instead get into flow with it. By identifying the Kairos moment, a trader can identify when the pattern is most likely in their favor with best possible risk/reward ratio.

In this Master Class, Jeff Greenblatt, also known as Fibonacciman, will help you learn to identify Kairos moments through balancing price and time square outs and vibrations. While no two patterns are ever the same, the high-probability tendencies you will learn repeat over and over.

  • The real reason why markets change direction; it's not what most people think.
  • The most precise way to identify the highest-probability point of where the pullback and sell bounces on any chart, which leads to the continuation of the trend
  • What is really driving moves in the intraday E-mini
  • The most precise way to uncover tight double high/low consolidations that lead to the best moves
  • How we identified a long-term change in the soybeans market
  • How a 36-point pullback in gold led to an explosive move in less than three days (not all pullbacks are created equal)
  • How to identify changes of direction on the intraday E-mini
  • How options players can get much closer to the best part of the move without wasting the time element of the instrument
  • A 21-year reading that lined up at the bottom of the 2008-09 financial crisis
  • An 18-year reading that lined up at the high of the recent October sell off

Additionally, most Fibonacci/Elliott-based traders only know of the standard default retracement levels available on most trading software platforms. You will learn how retracements line up with Kairos, which will open up many more opportunities.

This methodology can be used for stocks, commodities, futures, forex, intraday or long term, swing or intraday traders, and can be applied to any time frame. Jeff will also discuss zero-sum markets and show how upward or downward pressure develops on charts to expose the best moves without using any indicators.

Kairos price and time squaring will be introduced, and you will learn how it works and how to develop high-probability trading strategies that give the highest-probability risk/reward ratios.

$299 per person if purchased by February 28; $349 per person if purchased after February 28. Includes refreshments.

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Jeff Greenblatt


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