March 15 - 17, 2020 | New York

Panel Workshop Details

Mon., Mar. 11, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

CME Group Accelerated Futures Trading Course*

Join CME Group at The TradersEXPO New York for a hands-on, half-day accelerated learning course designed exclusively for futures traders. Learn to trade futures with effective strategies to minimize risks without missing market opportunities. This expedited course is uniquely designed for futures traders of all levels, and you will leave prepared for portfolio growth.

Regardless of the products you currently trade, all traders should be educated on futures and options on futures because of the insights they provide into many different asset classes.

Paul Kamhout, director of client development and sales, discusses recent trends and market insights in the today's futures and options world. He will kick-off the session with a brief introduction to futures including:

  • Benefits of futures
  • How they work/ why they're important for a trader's portfolio
  • Characteristics to look for and why they're useful
  • Followed by a discussion of CME Group's most liquid products and how to incorporate them into your trading portfolio using real-world examples.

    Other topics to be covered include:

  • Deep dive into the crude oil markets with Carley Garner and Bob Iaccino
  • WTI Crude Oil has become the benchmark pricing product for crude oil in today's trading ecosystem. In this session, commodity industry veterans Carley Garner and Bob Iaccino discuss how they combine both Crude Oil's fundamental and technical drivers to find trading opportunities in one of the most liquid and tradable markets in the world.

  • Deep drive into trading equity index futures and options with Jim Iuorio and Scott Martin
  • Join industry experts Scott Martin and Jim Iuorio for a deep dive into Equity Index Futures and Options: Jim and Scott will discuss how they use various strategies to represent different exposures in varying equity index futures and options contract. Scott and Jim will break down for you their decision-making process and give trade examples of how to express your market opinion by focusing on key items they watch such as implied volatility levels, pricing, varying durations and directional bias to achieve specific speculative outcomes and hedging needs in the world Equity Indexes.

  • and finally Carley, Bob, Jim, and Scott will form a panel to discuss futures and options on futures.
  • $299 per person if purchased by February 28; $349 per person if purchased after February 28. Includes refreshment and a free copy of Linda Raschke's latest book Trading Sardines.

    speaker photo
    Carley Garner

    Senior Strategist & Broker

    DeCarley Trading

    speaker photo
    Bob Iaccino


    Path Trading Partners, LLC

    speaker photo
    Jim Iuorio

    Managing Director

    TJM Institutional Services

    speaker photo
    Paul Kamhout

    Director of Client Development

    CME Group

    speaker photo
    Scott Martin

    Chief Investment Officer

    Kingsview Asset Management