March 7 - 9, 2020 | New York

Panel Workshop Details

Sun., Feb. 25, 9:20 AM - 10:00 AM EST

Meeting the Asset Raising Challenge: Structuring Your Front and Back Office to Win New Investors

The process of raising capital and running a viable trading business is more than simply developing a good market strategy. Successful managers must coalesce their legal, operational, and marketing departments around this strategy in order to be successful in attracting capital. Mark Ruddy of Ruddy Law, Mike Coglianese of Mike Coglianese CPA, and Bruce Frumerman of Frumerman and Nemeth Inc. will outline the biggest mistakes money managers make and what steps you can take to structure your trading business to be more competitive to win allocations.  

speaker photo
Mike Coglianese

Founder and Principal

Michael Coglianese, CPA

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Bruce Frumerman

Founder and CEO

Frumerman & Nemeth Inc.

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John Netto


The Global Macro Edge

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Mark Ruddy, Esq.

Ruddy Law Office, PLLC

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