March 7 - 9, 2020 | New York

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Tues., Mar. 12, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

COT Report: From Mines to Data Mining*

This all-new Master Class taught by Andy Waldock, founder, Commodity & Derivative Advisors, will begin with a brief description of what the COT Report is, followed by a more in-depth look at the close links between the biggest players in the markets and the connections they share. Specifically, the interwoven relationships among the board members of commodity-heavy Fortune 500 companies like Tyson Foods and Monsanto, who both have board members with shared seats on Procter and Gamble's board, as well as others.

He'll then explain how the COT groups' participation can be measured in ways other than the raw data or base TradeStation plotting options. Andy will create examples that also show how the commercial traders behave differently from market to market and why using the commonly plotted raw values is of little use in actual trading. He'll finish the data discussion with how to determine market capacity and what happens in a speculative blowout.

Finally, Andy will get technical. He'll include the code for a COT indicator that he uses to determine just how overextended a market may be, and correspondingly, how violently it may snap back. We'll then go into a deeper look at the reversal methodology discussed in the preview.

Andy will discuss how to use this data to create a mechanical mean-reversion trading system that can be broken down in English or tested on your favorite genetic algorithm generation program like, Adaptrade. Finally, he'll also show you how he uses COT data to filter the trades in his seasonal trading program.

$299 per person if purchased by February 28; $349 per person if purchased after February 28. Includes refreshments.

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